Vegan Brand Spotlight: Norabloom

Norabloom is an organic and vegan skincare brand founded by skin care expert, esthetician, certified oncology esthetician, makeup artist, semi pro baker, & homemaker, Holly Green. Along with the paraben-free skincare line, they also have a beauty lounge offering facials, massages, waxing, makeup, natural nail care & Spa Parties. Based in Ithaca, NY, they take pride in offering a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. Some of their best sellers include the Revitalizing Pear and Rhubarb Scrub, the Jojoba Face & Body Bar and the Organic Rosehip Seed Oil. See pictures of some of these products below.

You can shop all of Norabloom’s products at

You can also keep up with them on their social media pages, listed below.

Facebook: Norabloom Botanicals & Beauty Lounge

Twitter: @Lovenorabloom

Instagram: @norabloombotanicals

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Vegan Brand Spotlight: Epic Blend


Epic Blend is a collection of petroleum-free lip balm products with contemporary packaging, great flavors, and superior performance. All of their products provide a smooth glide and last a long time. They are also made from all natural ingredients, which we love! Along with lip products, Epic Blend now offers body and hair care items.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.00.34 PMScreen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.02.00 PM


You can learn more about Epic Blend on their website,, or browse their social media pages listed below.

Facebook: Epic Blend

Instagram: @epicblend

Twitter: @epicblend

Vegan Brand Spotlight: 88 Handbags


88 handbags is a collection of bags that are on trend, that look great, and that just work. Their new summer collection is filled with bright colors and unique styles. Their goal was to create a collection of bags that enhance their customer’s life by helping them look good while working hard to carry all the things they need. Their bags are designed to help express individual style, and most importantly, to be useful during the daily adventures of life. It is obvious that these bags are created by people who love what they do, and who do it well

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.05.29 PM

            88 is a vegan brand, which means no animal products are used in the making of their bags. The founder of 88 is a life long vegetarian, who believes strongly in their brand’s vegan message. Various vegan leathers are used in production. The scientific names are PU (polyurethane) and PVC (polyvinylchloride). Although it may be more expensive on the back end, these bags are carefully crafted to be less harmful on the environment. 88 is one of the many brands that are now taking a stand against construction methods that have harmful effects on both animals and the environment.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.05.07 PM

            Another great thing about 88 is that they donate a percentage of every sale to a charity that assists in educating women around the world. They believe that educating women is the key to a better world. They are also starting a new campaign that will allow them to partner with different Vegan organizations. This is great news for the vegan community!

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.04.48 PM

            As far as the name goes, the number “88” is the number of constellations in the sky. Shuttle mission 88 started construction of the international space station finished in 1988. In ham radio “88” is the sign off that means love and kisses. “88” is considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture as it sounds like “word for wealth”. The snake swallowing its own tail is an ancient Egyptian symbol for the self-sustaining, self-contained universe. “88” represents the cycle of creation and recreation. All of these meanings embody what 88 handbags truly is.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.05.53 PM

To learn more about 88 Handbags, visit, or browse their social media pages listed below.

Facebook: 88

Instagram: @88.eightyeight

Twitter: @88_handbags

Pinterest: 88

Article by: Teagan Montgomery

Fashion and Beauty Journalist

-The Trendy Vegan

Vegan Brand Spotlight: LaBosh

Skincare for a Cause


Am I the only one that gets both excited and overwhelmed as I’m gazing through the beauty isles of my favorite store? I can’t be the only one that gets the urge to buy every single product. As you can probably tell, I am a lover of all things beauty, whether it be makeup, lotion, perfume, soaps or scrubs, I’m all about it. However, we have so many products thrown in our face that it’s hard to decide which one is right for us. Over the years, I have learned to do my own research to figure out what things I prefer in a beauty or skincare product. It’s important to have an idea of what you want before you head into the vast jungle of products and advertisements.

I recently came across a new body scrub by the brand LaBosh, and thought I would try it out. I had been looking for a new beauty product that would both exfoliate and moisturize my skin. Since I have sensitive skin, a product that can do both of those things and still not irritate my skin is hard to find. The different ingredients that the scrub was made out of intrigued me. The main ingredients are sea salt, avocado oil and coffee. Coffee scrubs are known to help reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and wrinkles. Several of these, I struggle with. On top of that, it is a natural, which is something that I always look for in a skincare product. It is also paraben free and vegan. As an animal lover, this caught my attention. I was excited to go home and exfoliate my skin with this new scrub. While I was in the shower, I applied the scrub to my trouble areas, which include my thighs and my backside. I started gently massaging the scrub onto my skin in a circular motion, like the directions said. I could immediately feel my skin awaken. For all you coffee lovers, the smell of the scrub was delicious, especially in the hot shower. After a few minutes, I rinsed it off and right away I could feel that my skin was remarkably smoother and more firm. I was blown away by the results. The next day, I couldn’t wait to take a nice warm bubble bath and try out the scrub on my feet.

Not only does LaBosh care about what goes on your skin, they also care about helping women in other ways. Portions of their profits are donated to A-21, a non-profit organization that helps women that have been sold into human trafficking be reunited with their loved ones. Beauty products that benefit a cause are beauty products that I am happy to buy.

I was able to ask the owner a few questions about LaBosh and their new Coffee Body Scrub.

What made you decide to get into the beauty business?

The decision to start offering body care products started with the frustration of seeing products on the market that are packed with harmful chemicals. We have a passion to educate the consumers on the importance of using natural ingredients.

Why did you pick a coffee scrub as your first product?

We are coffee lovers! We drink it every day! We started researching the benefits of coffee when applied topically, that is when we knew we had to do something with coffee. Exfoliating is great for our skin. When you put coffee and salt together, amazing things happen!

What does the name La Bosh mean?

We created the name to embody our passion to Live Bold.

What makes your product stand out from the competitor’s?

Our scrub is vegan, natural, paraben free and formulated in the USA.

What is your plan to expand LaBosh?

We currently have the Coffee Scrub and plan to expand our body care assortment to offer an array of different natural products soon! We also plan to expand into natural make-up. We have a lot of exciting things coming up!

What is one thing you would like your customers to know about LaBosh?

Giving back is important to us. We have partnered with the A21 organization to help combat Human Trafficking in our world today. We donate a portion of our earnings and with each product sold; customers are helping us fight this epidemic.

What would be one piece of advice that you would share with people who would like to start their own brand?

Anything is possible with a little research and passion. Set a goal and then work backwards to set daily goals that will lead you to your main goal. Push through your fears, once we do that then we realize we can do anything. Those that are ok with the thought of failure are the ones that succeed in life!


Live bold and confidently with LaBosh skincare products.

LaBosh Coffee Scrub Love Coffee

To learn more about LaBosh, visit

Article by: Teagan Montgomery

Fashion and Beauty Journalist

-The Trendy Vegan

Vegan Celebrity of the Week

Ellen Page is our vegan celebrity of the week! The “Juno” actress joins a long list of celebs who have traded out cheese and meat for a healthier vegan lifestyle. PETA even named her “Sexiest Vegan of the Year” in 2014. She is often seen sharing her strong beliefs on Twitter. See the quote below for an example of one of her passionate tweets.


Stay tuned to learn about more vegan celebrities!

-The Trendy Vegan